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The Last Book by Michael Collins

The Last Book by Michael Collins

The Last Book is a pacy international thriller set in 2016.

Anarchy threatens. Suddenly courtesy and tolerance have all but disappeared and tempers flare with fatal results. The streets, subways, and restaurants have become dangerous places. What the hell is going on?

While Sarah, a respected ghostwriter, is unwittingly lured into writing the last book in a trilogy for a best-selling author, a ruthless and ambitious corporate giant, Mark Payne, has a secret deadly plan to change the world as we know it—and he must be stopped.

From New York to Washington and to Sydney, Australia, the chase is on.

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Belinda I couldn’t put it down

The Last Book is one of those stories I just couldn’t put down. I was captivated not long after the plot unfolded. Just as things got interesting I began to squirm in my seat I said to myself “this is going to be a great read”. And from that point forward, it was thrilling.

What I liked about it most was the uniqueness of the story. It didn’t remind me of anything I’d read before, or had seen in a movie. It’s entirely original in plot, characters and storyline.

One thing Michael Collins does so well in this book was that he wove in the most magnificent technology theme into the storyline. Having a ‘streak of geek’ I found that just heightened what was already a great read.

But don’t be afraid of that – it’s not that technological that it would freak anyone out. He captures the technology of today and somehow spins it forward with a crystal ball like approach, into the future. And what a future it is!

I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to all my friends. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just be prepared to dig in for however long it takes you to read a book because once I got into it I had to finish it. There was no putting it down.

ecogroove Hopefully not his last book!

I hope this is not Michael Collins’ last book, because I can’t wait to read more! I’m a big fan of action thrillers and this exactly the kind of book I love to read. Except its more than that. The gritty, complex yet loveable characters come to life on every page through crafty, slick and often hilarious dialogue. The twists in the plot will captivate you as Collins leads you on a exciting romp through some of the big topics of today – social unrest, corporate terrorism and technological madness. Be prepared for a nice dose of controversy and imaginative storytelling.

Locky Page-turner,

I grabbed this for my kindle just before boarding my flight. Problem was when I got home my wife wasn’t too impressed when I wanted to keep reading it. I have some serious making up to do.

Good, clever writing. This plot keeps you on your toes. It’s dark as well as humorous, moving from one twist to another, with nothing ever quite what it seems.

This is also a very scary peek into the near future with things that could easily be happening right now.

Ethan Cross is my fav character – you’re the man!

More please.

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Jane You’ll never look at a book the same way ever again.

A page turner that will have you enthralled all the way to the last sentence. The Last Book is a pacy thriller packed with mystery, clues, red herrings, twists and turns, that draws you into the drama while keeping you guessing. Michael Collins expertly draws us into his characters with clever, concise writing, whipping a few sentences into a living, breathing person whose personality and quirkiness we instantly feel we know. Collins’ characters – and his plot – are largely quirky and dark, very dark – yet where there is darkness, there is also light, somewhere. And that’s part of the mystery: who or what is dark masked as light, or light masked as dark? Many books in this genre sacrifice character, humour, and context for action, but Collins does not do this – somehow he keeps the action and the page turning happening, while also imparting colour and texture. And the story? You’ll never look at a book the same way ever again.

Kerry – Packs a Punch

Wow! Sex, violence and corruption with a touch of romance – this novel really broke the monotony of my days. The unpredictability of the plot uncovered some surprising revelations about the characters and kept me engrossed.  Revenge comes at a hell of a price – wow what one will do for justice. That’s what gives this mystery thriller some real grunt. I certainly hope there is a sequel in the wings.
Karen Nixon – Once you get into this book you won’t put it down.

The Last Book is a clever thriller with a unique angle. I strongly recommend that you make enough time to read it to the end. I didn’t and so I only got a few hours sleep the night I finished the book.It is difficult to find thrillers that give you something really new. This book does that. Michael Collins takes us on a ride across several continents and into the darkness of human motivations.

The unique plot line isn’t all that is unique. Collins has a quirky and often humorous writing style that gets us engaged quickly and easily with his fascinating characters. And he pulls no punches in exploring their dark side. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of reading this book. So many books soften the nasty side of humanity with euphuisms and indirect descriptions. Not so this author. He confidently exposes us to violent action and cold, heartless people and then ties it all up beautifully at the end. Or does he? You’ll have to read to find out. A really worthwhile book.

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