You decided to choose a fictional name at a dating site. We won’t discuss why you want it, you have your reasons. But you have to think about your choice. First the most of resounding names are already used. Second not every pseudonym will be good for a dating site. So should you think about before making this choice? 

  1. Of course, remember that the pseudonym is chosen for communication. And nicknames like IQ3000 won’t be good.  
  2. Let it be your depiction of you. 
  3. Nickname must be vivid, expressive and resounding because your main aim is to stand out among others. 
  4. It must be extraordinaire. For example: if you want to choose “Bunny” and it is already taken, no need to choose “Bunny 52” and so on. 
  5. Don’t forget that if you are man you should choose a male nickname, and if you are a woman – female ones. 
  6. Also the pseudonym must be chosen according to your age. 60 years old “Bunny” will sound strange a little bit. 
  7. It must be clear not only to you. Some people choose a nickname from a book not thinking that it’s quite possible that others didn’t read it.. 
  8. A nickname must not be a abbreviation. With names like 4978522VAD you have no chance to understand if it is a man or a woman, 
  9. It must be decent. Some dirty or lewd words won’t be appreciated by anyone. 

Of course the most important thing is that you should be yourself doesn’t matter which nickname you choose. You are a person. And not names make people great, but vice versa.