Let’s imagine that you met your “ideal” man at adult dating site. He is smart and handsome and is so interesting! And at last your first date happens. And suddenly you realize that you don’t like this person at all and his voice is just annoying. 

Or maybe your new friend doesn’t hurry to develop your relations and after a couple of dates he ignores your messages and phone calls. As a result you are alone again. What are the reasons? Let’s think!

The most of mistakes that lead you to this little drama were made in the very beginning. To make a right choice you should turn your emotions off and be attentive. The only thing that matters is the purpose. So:

  1. Purpose. So whom do you need? A good understanding friend, a partner for sex or a man for serious relations? Whatever you think be honest and fill your profile according to your interests. Also bear in mind that men quite often look for girls to have a couple of dates and that’s all. So define your priorities from the start. 
  2. Having defined the type of a man start the search. Try to look for near you (in your city for example) so you could make the first date comfortable for both of you.. Don’t get stuck on one man, look through many profiles and read the information there attentively. Pay attention at such things as detailed information and a link to other social media. Sometimes men don’t visit their profiles on dating sites for months and you are not gonna waste your time waiting for their messages! 
  3. Having chosen a dozen of users start communicating. Don’t be shy to write first, classical models of behaviour don’t work in Internet. If they don’t reply you don’t get nervous. If one didn’t reply the other one will do it. Don’t advertise your profile too much (such offer exists on some sites). It will be better if you choose with whom you want to communicate. 
  4. Having started communication with men ask them questions that are important for you. You can think them over beforehand. You should learn their motives, purposes and minimize the number of candidates. Because then you’ll need to meet in reality. By the way you can make some clue that you want to meet. And if you could make the man interested in it, he will looking forward to it! And then everything is up to you and remember: if something is wrong you have more decent options!