A phrase “female initiative” has many stereotypes, because girls were always taught that “man always must take the first step”, “female initiative is always punished” and many more. But nowadays typical gender roles don’t work anymore. Woman is not only a housekeeper and man is not always a hunter who brings food.  

Today a woman can a well-paid job and take decisions equally with men. But what about her initiative? In fact it means that she can express her opinion, take a decision and influence a situation. And in relations with a man it means that she can something by herself. For example suggesting to share a family budget is ann initiative. But woman takes a risk to take man’s role with all consequences like two jobs, housekeeping and with no time to relax and much responsibility. 

Before relationship

Connection with a man forms at the stage of meeting long before joint life. In this case being active doesn’t mean that a woman should hurry to sleep with any man. Girls were taught to wait for a prince that comes some day when the moment is right. But what to do if the right moment doesn’t come? We make the right moments by ourselves so there are several opinions about first meeting.

For example a man can think that you are easy to access if you make the first step. Or a man can lose his interest because he wants to feel himself a conqueror. But the first step can be different: you can smile to a young man or start a conversation in a bar, or write a message to him – there are plenty of variants. And it can provoke him to continue the communication. Not only women are shy and afraid to get refused. Maybe the man with whom you start a conversation was thinking how to talk to you long before you came to him. 

If you take an initiative remember one rule: the balance must be kept. If a man doesn’t make any steps to you after yours don’t continue this process. Just think how you would react a guy who tries to communicate with you after you said you don’t want it. So if a man is not interested in connecting with you, just take it and put your energy in other direction. 

In relationship

Initiative must be relevant and moderate so it couldn’t damage relations. No need to take care about all problems, a man should have a space for action, so he could express his male qualities. So if you want your man to act give him some clues. As a result the man achieves some goals and the woman helps him. Yes, it looks like a manipulation but if you become too active he can think that you want to take his role. Every man wants to care about his woman so she could feel herself behind a wall. And a woman should accept his role to get this feeling. 

In sex

When we talk about activity in sex we mean ability of a woman to express her desires. In general sex without initiative becomes a routine, because if there’s no action, nothing new can happen. For example you want rough sex? Or oral sex in a cinema? Or maybe something crazy and sexy? Don’t be shy and tell your partner about it. Men say that women who are not afraid to speak about their sexual desires are very attractive. It’s quite easier when you express your desires by surprises which can be done when you want to add some variety in your sexual life. And besides if you tell your partner how you want him to fondle you it will make you much more happy!