Do you believe that sex can help to keep or improve relations? Sure when your situation is dismal you start believing in anything and try to use any chance. Sex can’t save relations but can make them longer a little bit. Reasons are hidden in some basic problems all in all.  

It’s very hard when you are married and feel alone and not satisfied with your partner. You have to think if changes in sex can improve your relationship. But now you can read about some common facts and a way out of a difficult situation. 

It’s silly to think  that if you’re good in bed and your husband loves sex technics he will never leave you. You must realise that sex can’t be a ground of relations. Your family life consists of many other important things and sex can only support it, but can’t keep or save it. Each person has his own values and altogether they become a basis of happiness. 

Ideal relations don’t exist as all people are different and they have different interests. Ideal relations would be boring and you would start looking for adventures. It’s normal, when partners have different views. And if your life is based on arguments and reconciliation, maybe it’s not your person and you shouldn’t be together. Don’t try to save these relations with some new tricks in sex, because it won’t change anything in general. It will postpone your break up only. 

You have to analyse your situation and to think is there a problem in sex only or in something else? Try to remember how your relations changed recently? Were they the same? Try to learn in other in a spiritual sense. Maybe you find some common hobby and will be able to enjoy the process and each other. If you analyse your actions you will understand what you need in your relations and put the new element that will help you to save your family life.  

Speak with your partner about complications in your relations and about what you want to change. You both are in uncomfortable situation and you need to solve these problems. But if he thinks that everything is all right, that’s another story. 

You just have to share your sincere feelings with each other and don’t look for support among friends and relatives. Don’t talk about your personal problems in public. The only things that matter are things that happen between you and him. So be patient and listen to your sweetheart, don’t argue and don’t make scandals. Both your and his opinions matter. You have to be wise and calm. This is the only way you can save your relations.   

Very often we think that we save our relationship with a passionate sex and we are wrong and just don’t want to admit our responsibility. Remember that the balance is the main thing. Sure if sex is the only weak thing in your life variety in it can help to avoid problems. Be attentive to your partner, listen to him, try to find compromises and respect each other. Then you will be able to get happiness and inner peace.