If you want to learn your man better, suggest him that you both spend your weekend absolutely naked. After this you see him from the other side. And you will learn much new not only about his body but also about his character and ability to be himself in different situations. 

If you don’t know how to spend Valentine’s day or you have ideas how to spend weekend together here are 7 ideas that will help to learn more about your boyfriend. 

Top-7 ideas how to spend time with your naked man

  • You can have a breakfast with a naked man, drink coffee together with something tasty. Such meal will be very pleasant. 
  • A great supper also can happen with your sweetheart. The atmosphere will be very intimate and full of sincerity. Don’t leave him naked alone, take of clothes too, it will fair. 
  • You can make some experiments at the table. Blindfold him and feed him with some tasty food. Cook something spicy, sweet and cold. But don’t overtry. 
  • You can make massage for your naked man. Start with biceps and then go to back, buttocks and legs. He will be glad! He will have nice feelings and you will be in a good mood because of it. Use oils to make massage better. 
  • After massage you take a bath with your naked man. Add some salt and foam for nice aromas. 
  • Then you can use your man as a table with food because he is clean now! Get some chocolate, honey and cream of course.  
  • If you like it hot use ice cubes and hot wax. These things will make him go crazy. But don’t try too hard! If you hurt him the evening won’t finish in a romantic way. 

Of course all these things can be done with a naked woman it’s up to you to decide. Don’t forget that being naked is natural. At least one weekend in a season you spend naked together. It will help to save relations because a naked person feels more free and complexes disappear. Also it will help you to become close as you never were before. 

Celebrities also like being naked

Most of celebrities also like to spend their time naked at home. Marilyn Monroe liked to walk home without any clothes on her. Her friends say that she also liked to be naked in public too and was not shy at all. 

Famous Yoko Ono and John Lennon liked to receive guests at home being naked. And there are many other examples when people feel comfortable being naked and you should try it too! 

So learn much about your man when he is naked. It’s fun and very erotic.