Different situations happen in a life of a woman. Sometimes interesting, sometimes sad, planned or spontaneous that leave some memories.  

Sex in a car can  be a really vivid situation that should happen in a life of every woman. Remember one thing: don’t make love in a moving car it’s extreme that can be dangerous for you life. In some cases sexologists recommend to diversify sex life. For example after some years spent together couple have conflicts because they get used to each other and become bored. Sex on a kitchen table or in a car can help in this case. Take care about some things and everything will be good. Think about security and you will avoid traumas and fines. 

Everybody can see what you are doing in a car so find a place far away from a road. If you are not shy think about the police that can fine you. 

On some roads there are turns which you can take and find some secure places in a forest or park. You’ll find some comfort there but it will be quite relative. Many couples like the fact that somebody can see them, but think about children that can notice you, it’s unacceptable. Choose a place attentively. 

Check the level of fuel, a prospect to find yourself in a wasteland without petrol is no good. Be careful when it’s cold outside because you can breathe in exhaust gas while being in a car. Apply the parking brake otherwise the car can move somewhere.  

Not every car is good for having sex in it. If you are thin you’ll be comfortable in a little one in any position. Although it’s better when a car is large. Take towels and sheets as a precaution and don’t forget wet wipes and condoms.  

You’ll have unforgettable sex. Don’t be shy behave like you’re at home. You can do something spontaneous like lean on a wheel or beep, this will excite your man. 

All these recommendations are useful if your man is a clever and reliable person, not a stranger whom you met the first time.